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ES: Special Chapter 3 -page 18-

January 3rd, 2018, 7:46 pm
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Apple030 January 3rd, 2018, 8:16 pm
KirbyandPokemonFan January 3rd, 2018, 8:23 pm
God why does everything have to be death and chaos in this series ;-;
Vay (Guest) January 10th, 2018, 3:03 pm
@KirbyandPokemonFan: I know right I just want it to be a comic about nice funny stuf LIKE SHORT STUPID EEVEE COMICS WHICH ARE GREAT BTW READ IT NOW!!!!!!!
KirbyandPokemonFan January 10th, 2018, 5:16 pm
@Vay: I know about SSEC because of DA
Eevee power January 3rd, 2018, 8:24 pm
I wish I could give those advices when my friends are sad or something really terrible has happened :/
Neolancer January 3rd, 2018, 9:34 pm
Right in the feels ;-;
Blaze01 (Guest) January 3rd, 2018, 10:21 pm
@Neolancer: Damn it! I've been waiting to use that line... Well, how about this then... OOOHHH, RIGHT IN THE CHILDHOOD! .....No? Okay, I'll go sit in the corner now...
Neolancer January 3rd, 2018, 11:47 pm
@Blaze01: sorry didn't mean too either I was going to use "owww right in my heart"
Spinarak the Fool January 3rd, 2018, 10:10 pm
I'm glad I found this comic here!

(Since my deviantart account is lost)
Guest January 4th, 2018, 5:15 am
Well black is very sad
Siks (Guest) January 4th, 2018, 11:10 am
Rebellions are built on hope :3
Skylar101 January 4th, 2018, 1:53 pm
I have a feeling that Tyrogue is going to really regret the next time he see's Black.
Totally not a guest (Guest) January 7th, 2018, 9:33 pm
The Hope part reminds me ofereceu dangamronpa...
Guest March 1st, 2018, 10:39 pm
so when exactly did speed suddenly become a dense idiot (no offense but its true he reminds me so much of ash)
Awesome dat jolteon (Guest) April 9th, 2018, 5:47 am
This is all tyrougue’s fault!
Guest July 8th, 2018, 12:53 am
im part pokemon and this is crossing the line