Eeveelution Squad

ES: Chapter 4 -page 7-

July 30th, 2017, 7:15 am
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Blaze01 (Guest) August 7th, 2017, 9:11 pm
Jolteon Rekt Count: 14
Shiny Umbreon (Guest) September 15th, 2018, 8:21 pm
Oof way to many @Blaze01: Poor Child Poor Alan/Speedy
Vay (Guest) January 7th, 2018, 6:19 pm
jeez, Jolteon got toooooo many rekt points
Floodburst February 26th, 2018, 4:32 pm
poor jolt more brain damage
Guest July 2nd, 2018, 12:11 pm
@Floodburst: and a brain damage and a brain damage and a brain damage and a brain damage
eeveelutions for life (Guest) March 5th, 2018, 8:50 pm
c'mon jolteon buddy you need to know that when you promise to take a girl somewhere that you don't forget because usually that leads to heart breaks and i cannot watch heart breaks nor read them so please jolteon don't forget about glaceon. p.s. no offense meant seriously
Guest March 15th, 2018, 11:26 am
Damn jolteon when did you learn to dance?
Guest March 25th, 2018, 2:41 am
Why why why why why why why why
roblox oof sound (Guest) April 6th, 2018, 4:42 pm
Rip Jolteon

Help him Arceus
Guest April 9th, 2018, 12:33 am
Poor him :(
Jiale Liu (Guest) April 11th, 2018, 12:13 am
BATTLE LOGS again Glaceon used forgetter`s punishment!
It`s super effective!
Sudux April 11th, 2018, 8:14 pm
One day Jolteon's just gonna snap and it's gonna be all over for certain face punching/kicking individuals.
Guest April 26th, 2018, 12:19 pm
...& I can still feel it to this day...ooowwww...-pixlblox9099 the Jolteon
Tyler The Shiny Eevee July 17th, 2018, 10:36 am
@Guest: - for the effects! ;)
Guest June 11th, 2018, 2:41 am
Sylveon does not give a care about jolteon geting wrecked, she's just like "well this is like The umpteenth time this has happened".
Mega Mudkip June 25th, 2018, 6:33 pm
Pretty soon, jolteon gonna have amnesia
The fallen evee (Guest) July 10th, 2018, 3:32 pm
@Mega Mudkip: He already has it.
He forgot about taking glacy to the book store soon he'll forget everything.
vaporeon (Guest) June 30th, 2018, 9:59 am
FLAMESTAR August 6th, 2018, 7:16 pm